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Sleep deprivation

Nate woke up 5 times last night, which would be fine if he was sick or not 4 months old or if that were a rare occurrence but non of that is true. I went as usual to bumps to babies and baby massage this morning but I was surprisingly mute during discussions. I was so close to tears that I knew if I spoke I would start crying. Isn’t this supposed to be getting easier?! I can’t remember the last time he slept for more than 4 hours in a row at night and what’s funny is the leader in class today was talking about how sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture and that if you don’t regularly get 4 hours sleep it can lead to depression, well that doesn’t bode well for me 😦

I would feel so much better if I knew other babies were doing the same thing but everyone I talk to says that there baby is either sleeping through or doing at least 6 hours in a row.

2 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation

  1. Oh dear. Please don’t listen to other Mums who tell you their babies sleep through the night, it’ll only get you down. Every baby does it at their own time and it’s definitely normal for your baby to not be sleeping through the night at 4 months – my little girl started doing it regularly at about 9 months (though don’t despair, she was quite late, i think, I’m sure your boy will do it sooner). Hang in there, you’re probably fed up of hearing this but it really will get easier 🙂


  2. Thanks honey, sometimes it’s nice to hear that other people had the some trouble or that I will sleep again. How did you do it? Any magic tips or did it just ‘happen’? Thank you for being my first comment on my first blog too! 😉


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