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How to keep your baby cool in the summer

Since I was trying to find the answer to this myself, thought I would share what I have learned. It has suddenly gotten quite hot, Nate’s room is around 26 degrees and he has already woken twice tonight. So based on what I have read online and in one of my baby books these are some ideas, but please note that I am not a professional so if you don’t feel comfortable with any of these suggestions please don’t do them.

1. Strip baby down to just a vest or if very hot just a nappy
2. Cool baby down with a washcloth/flannel that is luke-warm-cool, not too cold as will shock baby
3. Strip bedding down to bare minimum and use cotton where possible as its breathable
4. Remove things like bumpers, cot tidies etc and anything stopping good airflow into cot
5. Open a window or put a fan on but make sure baby is out of direct contact with cool air
6. Give baby some cool water to drink or a cool bottle of milk, make sure baby stays hydrated
7. If breastfeeding you may want to put something in between the skin like muslin or a cool cloth as skin to skin contact can be very warming
8. There is a water spray called Magicool that you can spray on the face to help cool down although I don’t know how suitable that is for babies
9. For older babies/toddlers you can freeze fruit and let them suck on them. It can get quite sticky though.

Hope these ideas have helped.
Happy Sleeping!




image of cineworld cinema

So, I don’t know about you guys but I love going to the cinema; pre-baby that was one of our favourite activities…dinner and a movie, post baby the movie part is tricky.

However, my lovely local Cineworld has risen to the occasion and two weeks ago introduced “Cinebabies”! Basically, every wednesday morning, they play a movie aimed at adults but ok for children (therefore nothing over a 12a certifcate), they also keep the lights on (low) and turn the volume down, and baby change is just a few feet away.

So this week, one of my NCT friends and I decided to give it a go. We went to see “Avengers Assemble” (incidentally an awesome movie). Although they could have shown the 3D version of “When the paint dries” and I still would have gone to see it, just to feel like a grown-up again and see an actual movie. It was very quiet in there, only one other mum and baby (cineworld, sort the advertising out!) which was fine with me, but I don’t want them to suddenly stop it due to lack of participation.

The movie is quite long so I though the babies did really well, of course they all cried at a few points, being hungry or needing a nappy changed here or there, they also fell asleep for a significant portion. Nate seemed pretty happy though, it wasn’t too loud to upset him or stop him having his afternoon nap, and he seemed to quite enjoy the pretty colours, but for the most part he wasn’t bothered, which was fine by me. So I can confirm, it is a great way to spend a few hours, and also being on a wednesday means Orange Wednesdays, buy one ticket get one free, even bigger bonus!

Next week they are showing Beauty and the Beast, yey! Have loved that movie ever since I was a kid so am excited to see it on the big screen. I hope this time to encourage more of my NCT friends to be brave and give it a go.

If you want to see if your local cineworld does cinebabies, it may not be advertised online (as ours is not). So give them a call, you may get lucky. I also hear that Odeon do a similar thing, so go for it girls, go see a movie with your babies.