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Review: Middleton Swimming Pool

We have been swimming several times at Middleton pool so I thought I would review it for other MK mums who are trying to decide where to take there baby swimming.

First of all, in terms of parking there is only one parent and baby spot right out front, sometimes you get lucky, otherwise parking is just behind, a 1 minute walk.

Current adult prices are £3.50 per adult and under 1 year olds are free.

The unisex changing rooms are a tight squeeze, a single adult will have trouble in the individual changing rooms, but in the middle are 3 family changing rooms which are perfect for a family of 3 or 4. The women’s changing room is open plan and has 2 baby change stations.

The lockers are tiny so take the bare minimum and leave the change bag in the car, lockers take a £1 coin.

There is a small communal shower right before you enter the pool, it is not very private.

In the complex there are two pools, a baby pool that is shallow and has steps leading down into it and a bigger pool. The baby pool is often colder than the big pool which is odd. Last visit Nates teeth were chattering in the baby pool but he was very happy in the big pool.

The big pool is pretty shallow, about 1.5 metres at each end but gets deeper in the middle.

We like the pool and it seems to be frequented by most mums and babies in the area, it doesn’t get too busy even on weekends and it’s warm enough for babies.