Helloooooo improvement

So last night Nate only woke 3 times and slept from 1:30am-5:30am a total of 4 hours in a row! This has not happened in a very long time so it is lovely to finally see an improvement. I hope he continues to improve although I am prepared if he goes back to waking 5 times a night. It’s amazing how good you feel with 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. What a good end to Good Friday.

Today we went swimming at the local pool with Nate, Col Little A and her parents and grandparents. They also do Waterbabies so we were all doing the moves and techniques we learned in class. It was fun but also sad because Little A’s mum goes back to work this week, which means we won’t be hanging out every week anymore. It was so lovely spending maternity leave with one of my closest friends.


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