3 months!

Nathaniel is my beautiful boy and I love him so much! He will be 3 months on Monday!! What is he like… Well he:

  • is jumpy and
  • has cold hands and feet like Colin
  • he has big cheeks, blue eyes and
  • loves music like me
  • he loves it when you play with his hands
  • he smiles a lot and laughs on occasion, mostly when you sing or tickle him
  • he is a very fidgety eater
  • he gets grumpy at bedtime and when naked, and doesn’t enjoy baths that much
  • loud noises upset him
  • he loves watching TV (when given brief opportunities)
  • he will sleep anywhere and will stay asleep often when I take him from car to pram or house
  • he loves looking around at everything, he’s very inquisitive
  • In the morning when I go into him he looks up and gives me a massive smile, he is normally happiest in the morning
  • when col gets home from work another giant smile
  • he sleeps between 4-6 hours in a row (at the moment we are doing dream feeding)
  • he dribbles a lot and usually brings up wind easily
  • he holds on the bottle or my thumb when drinking which makes me happy

That’s my boy!

3 month old baby tummy time
3 month old baby doing tummy time

7 thoughts on “3 months!

  1. 20 months later and Nate is exactly the same! Ok not exactly, but so much of his personality hasn’t changed at all in 18 months, he is still a morning person, still scared of loud noises, still loves music, still smiles and laughs a lot. I am making this comment because of MummyMishap and her Flashback Friday! How has your little changed, or not since they were 3 months old!


    1. Yeah it’s lovely at that age, where they don’t know too much about the world, so nothing bothers them, my son was always very happy and still is but as a toddler he gets easily upset by things now.


  2. HI Kat thank you for linking up. Like Laura said it seems such a long time ago since my two were only 3 months old, but i remember that the smiles, giggles and watching everything with such wide eyed innocence was just as captivating for me as it was for them as babies.
    Nate is a beautiful baby – and i cant believe he is only 3 months old in that photo what strong neck muscles he has to hold his head up like that x x


    1. Thanks for the comment Jenny about my beautiful son, that is very sweet. He always had a strong neck from a few days old. He was able to support himself in the bumbo from a very young age. Thank you for letting me link!


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