3 months!

Nathaniel is my beautiful boy and I love him so much! He will be 3 months on Monday!! What is he like… Well he:

  • is jumpy and
  • has cold hands and feet like Colin
  • he has big cheeks, blue eyes and
  • loves music like me
  • he loves it when you play with his hands
  • he smiles a lot and laughs on occasion, mostly when you sing or tickle him
  • he is a very fidgety eater
  • he gets grumpy at bedtime and when naked, and doesn’t enjoy baths that much
  • loud noises upset him
  • he loves watching TV (when given brief opportunities)
  • he will sleep anywhere and will stay asleep often when I take him from car to pram or house
  • he loves looking around at everything, he’s very inquisitive
  • In the morning when I go into him he looks up and gives me a massive smile, he is normally happiest in the morning
  • when col gets home from work another giant smile
  • he sleeps between 4-6 hours in a row (at the moment we are doing dream feeding)
  • he dribbles a lot and usually brings up wind easily
  • he holds on the bottle or my thumb when drinking which makes me happy

That’s my boy!

3 month old baby tummy time
3 month old baby doing tummy time